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How can I protect my privacy online?

If you not want your personal contact info to be accessible to anyone who searches the Whois database then we can provide WhoisGuard privacy protection with every domain registration or transfer. WhoisGuard replaces your contact info with contact info in the Whois database, so your personal information does not go on public record.

Why transfer a domain name

When you have already a domain name with another provider it can be quite inconvenient to leave your domain name by your old hosting provider. It may be more convenient to keep all hosting services for your website only with one company, so you not have to communicate with two different organizations. You just need to order the domain transfer service with us.

Why I need to register a domain name?

You’ve got an idea or business and you’re ready to bring it online. All you need now is a domain name that fits your business. A domain name is the name where people can find you in Internet like

How long it will take to register?

Within some hours after your payment you have access to your domain name on internet. You can check your domain name easily only type the domain name into your browser and if you see your holding pages comes up it is ready to start using it.

The most popular Top level domain

Only from 13 € per year

Only from 13 € per year

Only from 13 € per year

Only from 13 € per year

Only from 13 € per year

Only from 13 € per year

Only from 13 € per year

Only from 13 € per year

All available domain names
.academy .actor .adult .agency .asia
.audio .bar .beer .berlin .bid .bike
.black .blue .builders .bz .ca
.cab .camp .capital .care .cash .catering
.cc .center .cheap .christmas .church .city
.cleaning .clinic .clothing .club .cn
.co .codes .communits .computer .condos
.construction .consulting .cooking .cool .cruises .dance
.dating .de .deals .dental .design
.diet .direct .discount .domains .education .email
.energy .enterprises .es .estate .events
.exchange .expert .farm .fashion .financial .fit
.fitness .flights .florist .flowers .foundation .fund
.futbol .gallery .garden .gift
.glass .global .graphics .green .host
.hosting .haus .help .hiphop .holdings .holiday
.ink .institute .international .investments .juegos .kaufen
.kim .la .land .lawyer .lease
.life .link .london .mba .me
.media .menu .mn .mobi .moda .name .nl .ong
.online .ooo .partners .parts .party
.photo pics .pizza .place .porn .pro
.property .pub .pw .red .reisen .rentals
.repair .restaurant .ru .schule .sexy .show
.singles .site .social .solar .solutions .space
.studio .supply .support .surf .sx .systems
.tattoo .tax .tech .tel .tienda .tips
.tires .today .tokyo .tools .town .trade
.training .tv .uk .university
.uno .viajes .vision .website .wiki
.ws .wtf .xxx .xyz .yoga



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the name where you can find your website on the internet. Instead of an IP Adress which is much more difficult to remember domain names are the best choice.

What kind of domain names can I register ?

With us you can register nearly all top level domains which are important in the world. If you are not sure about the tld please let us know.

What happens if I misspelled the domain name?

We order the domain name according to your order exactly. That means if you mad a fault in the order, you need to pay this domain when we order it already. The only solution then is to register a new domain name.

What happens if I not renew the domain?

If you not renew the domain it will be canceled after the billing period.

Do I need a domain name?

Actually you can have access to your website over IP Address but we highly recommend a domain name because it is much more easy for your customers to find your website.

Can anyone take my domain name once it is registered?

No, if you register your domain name and make a successful payment your domain name is reserved only for you.

How can I cancel a domain name

You can cancel the domain name if it is not yet registered. Once it is registered you can cancel the domain name until the next payment period which is 1 year.

How can I transfer a domain?

If you wish to transfer a domain, you can ask for transfer from to our support, they will send you the paper you need for the domain transfer.

* All prices are including VAT / Taxes.
* Setup for all Webshosting packages is free.
* Setup for all Webdesign packages is 15€ including VAT / Taxes.